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Fixed IC-208h with no power with remote head.

It’s my fault, I fiddled.

Radio was working fine, then I attempted to DIY a remote head cable as they can’t be purchased any more.

Funky remote head cable for IC-208h
Long story short, after trying my funky cable, the radio wouldn’t power on any more, so assume some pins shorted one of the other lines perhaps.

I left it for a couple of days, trying it again each morning, in the eternal hope that by some magic or via electrical fairy helpers, it would spontaneously start working again.  I kept telling myself things like “Perhaps the capacitors need a little more time to fully drain.  Yes.  that’s why it hasn’t started working again.”  For a hyper logical person like I am, it’s amazing the flights of fantasy we can summon in times of need.  I even offered a little prayer, while all the time knowing that in the grand scheme of things, there were more worthwhile causes to which God’s attention could be better addressed.

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