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Securing AllMon on VKLink nodes

By default the AllMon installation with VKNode is not encrypted.  What does this mean?  If you have your AllMon page publicly accessible, you are sending your admin username and password over the internet in plan text, in the open.  That’s bad.  Really bad.

This post will detail the steps required to secure your install so that all communication between your node and browser is encrypted.

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Sniffing your network with WireShark and Mikrotik routers

I’ve been debugging a frustrating issue with a remote server rejecting some credentials from a Raspberry Pi based system on my network.  While I’ve used WireShark in the past, it’s generally debugging traffic to or from my computer.  Being a man in the middle is a pain as I need to set up proxies to route traffic through my network.

Enter the wonders of adding a Mikrotik router into the mix, and life is bliss!

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A VKLink node in 10 minutes

This post came about because the official documentation can be confusing, and hasn’t kept pace with developments in some areas.  There is plenty of old information that is no longer relevant which further confuses matters.

Additionally, for those that simply want to configure a simplex node, it can get confusing if you’ve not done it before.  So I’ve created some template configuration files that have most of the work taken care of for you.

For those unfamiliar with VKLink project, it’s an AllStar derivative enabling linking of amateur radio stations and repeaters over the internet.  A great summary of the enhancements over AllStar can be found in this post on the forums.  Think IRLP and EchoLink but crystal clear audio and a lot more flexible.

The process documented below will set up a simplex node with an access tone of 123.0 Hz.

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